Defend Against Email Spoofing

Did you know that hackers can send emails that appear to come from your company's domain name?
A simple DNS can help guard against this surprisingly simple and effective attack.

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Manage the risk of "Email Spoofing" via SPF - DKIM - DMARC

Every organization can manage this risk by implementing a review of their DNS settings. Regularly reviewing your domain settings will help make your corner of the internet safer. After all, by the nature of email and the internet, your DNS settings are publicly available, and the bad guys can see them too.

Recommended strategies for "Email Spoofing" defense

We recommend a three pronged strategy to fight the risk of "email spoofing"
being used to phish your employees, vendors or customers.

  • Set a Sender Policy Framework
  • Explicitly include known domain senders
  • Explicitly exclude all other domain senders
  • If supported, utilize a DKIM key signature
  • Set a DMARC policy
  • Monitor for false positive messages
  • Tighten DMARC policy over time

Common Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Pitfalls

The SPF record seems like it should be straight forward to set and forget, but there are some common pitfalls that will reduce your organization's effectiveness in guarding against "email spoofing" and limit the deliverability of legitimate email sent from your servers.

  • Not setting an SPF policy on each domain name, whether actively used or not.
  • Reviewing the SPF record through a technical lens only, ignoring the business flow of email.
  • Setting an SPF policy with more than ten IP address look-ups.
  • Setting an SPF policy and ending it with "all", "~all" or "+all".
  • Setting an SPF policy and using deprecated DNS entries and/or syntax.
  • Not including all servers that can send email on behalf of the domain name.
  • Not reviewing the SPF record on an annual or periodic basis.

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